1. UKK is a professional cutting tool supplier, established in August 26th 1986.
  2. In order to satisfy the market demand, the management is endeavoring to develop cutting-tools of every variety.

Management Concepts: Customer the highest, quality the best, and service the top.

  1. We have a variety of carbide end mills, such as standard size square, ball nose, long neck, corner radius, etc.
  2. Our Aluminum-cutting end mills with particular helix angle and coating will bring the highly polished effect as about mirror surface polishing.
  3. The products that we provide have to be made by great precision in all respects, and the storage is able to immediately satisfy the market demand.
  4. In order to help customers to cost down and increase manufacturing efficiency, we put the focus on developing and manufacturing cutting-tools with highest quality.
  5. Integrating industrial related resources strengthen company’s products, focusing on products’ development, and speeding up the delivery time.

Professional Ability

  1. UKK is a professional cutting-tool manufacturer that has passed the international certification. The grinding machines we have included 5-axis, 6-axis, and the newest style 8-axis in our factory.
  2. Bringing in the most precisely optical inspection equipments from Germany and Switzerland, and materials “Carbide” are from Europe and America can control quality is stability.
  3. Daylong manufacturing and great ability, our prior concept is「Researching developing constantly & keep improving」is our philosophy.
  4. Professional service. Integrating upstream, midstream, and downstream companies, such as professional polishing and cladding factories.
  5. Providing technological questioning and answering. We solve cutting-tools’ problems with honest and business continuity attitude.
  6. Cutting-tools are the century’s industry, and module development is absolutely necessary for all products. Both of these provide the convenience of life and the development of technology.
  7. In the chain of profession marketing and service quality, we serious focus on the usage characteristic of high-speed mechanisms of each brand.
  8. We ask our managements and workers to take service and products quality seriously, because it is one of the necessary rules to keep running company.
  9. We deeply believe that the attitude we must have now and future is to produce the cutting-tools that have the highest quality and stability, and to keep good service attitude and spirit.

Brand Introduction

  1. UKK is coming from the most beautiful island in Asia “Formosa”-Taiwan. The cutting-tools industry is now heading toward internationalization in Taiwan. UKK precisely cutting-tools is now promoting Taiwanese brand and marketing around the world.
  2. Products are selling around the world, such as Europe, American, Asia, etc.
  3. There are many good UKK’s agents in Europe, America, and Asia, such as Thai, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, etc. to be at customers’ service.


 ENDMILLS-UKK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD  TEL: 886-4-23198135  FAX: 886-4-23197490